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The educational materials designed around the exhibit focus on three primary questions for students and teachers to explore: what does it mean to be a refugee; what does it mean to be a Vermonter; and what kinds of stories can photographs tell? The educational guide is designed to aid teachers by providing discussion questions and activities that can be used prior to, during, and following a field trip to see the exhibit.  These materials are merely a guidepost and teachers are encouraged to personalize these materials to fit the needs of their class.

In Their Own Words will be on display at the Vermont Folklife Center from February 25th until June 14th.  The Vermont Folklife Center encourages teachers to bring their classes to visit the exhibit.  Teachers may familiarize themselves with the exhibit by previewing the Vermont Folklife Center Vision and Voice Documentary Workspace.  If you would like to schedule a class visit to the exhibit, please contact the Vermont Folklife Center at (802) 388-4964.

Questions and feedback regarding these educational materials are encouraged.   Please email your comments to Greg Sharrow at:

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Some of the written content of the exhibit contains information that should be approached carefully with younger students.  Educational materials have been prepared for all age ranges (including PreK-4); however, teachers should take care when approaching concepts and learning experiences that are more naturally suited for older audiences.

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